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Meta’s Expansion into Artificial Intelligence


Meta has recently announced its intention to integrate its Research team in Artificial Intelligence with a more business-oriented Gen A.I. team, thereby bolstering efforts to incorporate technology into its products. This move aligns with Meta’s transition into the realms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, as evidenced by the company’s name change from Facebook in 2021.

To support this endeavor, Meta is expanding its infrastructure and plans to have around 350,000 H100 GPUs from chip design company Nvidia by the end of the year. Coupled with chips from other suppliers, Meta aims to have approximately 600,000 GPUs in total, making its system one of the largest computational infrastructures in the technology sector.

This reinforcement of Meta’s internal infrastructure and development teams reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and enhancing user experiences.


1. Which teams is Meta combining to strengthen its Artificial Intelligence efforts?
Meta is combining its Research team in Artificial Intelligence with a Gen A.I. team.

2. Which chip design company is supplying GPUs to Meta?
Nvidia is supplying GPUs to Meta.

3. How many GPUs will Meta have by the end of the year?
Meta plans to have around 350,000 H100 GPUs from Nvidia, in addition to chips from other suppliers, resulting in approximately 600,000 GPUs in total.

4. What innovative applications have been developed as a result of Meta’s investments in Artificial Intelligence?
Meta’s investments have led to the creation of innovative applications, such as the commercial version of the Llama model, advertising tools that generate images from text instructions, and the “Meta AI” chatbot.

5. Which model is Meta currently training?
Meta is currently training the third version of the Llama model.

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