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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of Cryptocurrencies


In the technologically driven world of Davos 2024, a shift in focus is apparent. Artificial intelligence has taken center stage, while cryptocurrencies have somewhat faded into the background. The days of Bitcoin Pizza and NFT extravaganzas are over, as the main street of Davos now boasts slogans of artificial intelligence and futuristic promises.

This dramatic change reflects the explosion of global investments in artificial intelligence, fueled by the popularity of ChatGPT and the competitive race for technological dominance. Tech giants like Intel, Salesforce, and Swisscom are vying for attention, plastering the town with proclamations about artificial intelligence and hosting events in specialized venues such as the “AI House.”

Data confirms the excitement surrounding artificial intelligence. According to PitchBook, investments in artificial intelligence are six times greater compared to Web3 and DeFi startups. Additionally, Nvidia, a leading player in the artificial intelligence market, saw a staggering 239% increase in its stock price in 2023. This enthusiasm shows no signs of waning any time soon.

However, the cryptocurrency industry seems oddly comfortable with its diminishing presence. Dante Disparte, a Davos veteran and cryptocurrency advocate, sees this as a sign of technological maturity. He describes cryptocurrencies as becoming background technology, comparing them to the dotcom bubble that paved the way for a more stable internet.

While some major cryptocurrency players, such as Circle and CasperLabs, maintain a presence, the overall atmosphere is notably subdued. Despite Bitcoin’s 150% surge in 2023 and the recent approval of a Bitcoin ETF, the industry appears more focused on solidifying its legitimacy rather than promoting flashy tricks.

The 2024 World Economic Forum marks a turning point. Artificial intelligence has captured the spotlight, and although cryptocurrencies are not disappearing, their role seems to be shifting. The future of technology appears to be written in code rather than distributed ledgers.

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