Illustrative digital image in HD quality showing the concept of every country developing its own artificial intelligence infrastructure, as suggested by a CEO of a major technology company. Please depict a global map with various countries symbolically represented as circuits or nodes, connected by data streams. The figure of an unidentified CEO can be seen in the foreground addressing an audience, perhaps in a conference or forum setting.

Every Nation Should Prioritize Independent Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure, Urges Nvidia CEO


Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has underscored the significance of each nation developing its own artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure to fully harness its economic potential while safeguarding its cultural identity. Huang believes that it is crucial for countries to proactively build their AI capabilities rather than relying on others. He expressed this view during his speech at the World Government Summit held in Dubai.

With its leading role in the market for high-end AI chips, Nvidia is committed to democratizing access to AI by enhancing the efficiency of AI computing. Huang dismisses the exaggerated concerns surrounding the risks associated with AI, pointing out that other industries, such as cars and aviation, have been effectively regulated. He warns against certain groups who seek to create mystery and discourage broader adoption of AI technology.

Although Huang did not directly address the recent restrictions on some of Nvidia’s AI chips in the United States, the company revealed in November that it had been collaborating with clients in China and the Middle East to ensure compliance with export regulations. Nvidia is preparing to announce its fourth-quarter earnings on February 21.

Building an independent AI infrastructure not only benefits a nation’s economic progress, but also serves to preserve its cultural identity. By taking the lead in AI development, countries can shape the implementation of AI technologies according to their specific values and requirements.

As AI continues to reshape industries and societies globally, Jensen Huang’s message underscores the importance of national autonomy and self-reliance in harnessing the transformative potential of this technology.