High-definition realistic depiction of a new policy being implemented to prevent deepfakes

New Policy to Combat Deepfakes


Deepfakes, the manipulated digital media created using artificial intelligence, pose a significant threat to society. While AI has the potential to benefit humanity, it also has the power to harm us if left unchecked. Just as the Wright brothers’ airplanes revolutionized travel and exploration, they also amplified the casualties of war. The trajectory of our history was forever changed by this advancement, for better or worse.

The same dilemma now confronts us with the proliferation of deepfakes on social media. These deceptive creations are not the work of ethical individuals but selfish individuals driven by malicious intent. They propagate falsehoods, meddle with elections, and spread misinformation. Allowing them free rein risks catastrophic consequences.

In light of this threat, experts who pioneered the creation of deepfake platforms must set aside their greed and egos. They should establish a governing body dedicated to combating this phenomenon. It is crucial that we prevent deepfakes from influencing our elections, shattering reputations, and disseminating false narratives. The risks are immense, and urgent action is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the “Wright brothers’ airplanes” mentioned in the article?
The phrase refers to the early attempts by Orville and Wilbur Wright to construct functional airplanes.

2. What are the benefits of airplanes in terms of travel and exploration?
Airplanes revolutionized travel and exploration by providing faster and more efficient means of transportation.

3. How can artificial intelligence benefit humanity?
With careful supervision and control, artificial intelligence can serve as a tool that enhances our lives, making it safer and more educational.

4. What is the dilemma surrounding the spread of deepfakes?
Deepfakes present a dilemma as they can deceive and manipulate people, potentially leading to widespread misinformation and damage to individuals and society.

5. What do experts propose to combat deepfakes?
Experts suggest creating a supervisory organization dedicated to combating deepfakes and their harmful effects.


– Wright brothers’ airplanes: Refers to the early attempts made by Orville and Wilbur Wright to construct functional airplanes.
– Deepfakes: Refers to digitally altered images and videos created using artificial intelligence to generate fake content of individuals.

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