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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Media and the Changing Landscape


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a disruptive force in multinational companies, as confirmed by its growing influence. However, objectively speaking, there are various other forms of disruption taking place in the corporate America that are not solely attributed to AI.

By focusing on disruptive companies, we have the potential to create wealth over time. Conversely, disregarding companies experiencing disruption could lead to negative outcomes for our portfolios.

Let’s take the media industry as an example. Disney has successfully capitalized on changing dynamics in the media landscape, ensuring its victory in the long run. Through its collaboration with Epic Games, Disney has created a new digital ecosystem, preparing for the increasing importance of digital platforms in the coming years.

Disney has already secured streaming agreements with Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery, laying the foundation to disrupt its competitors in the media industry. For instance, what does Disney’s new streaming deal with Paramount, which has a lucrative NFL agreement until 2032, signify?

The disruption happening in the media industry is not primarily due to AI but rather classic industry changes. This example proves that disruption in the business community is not solely dependent on AI but rather on structural changes occurring in various industries.

FAQ on disruption caused by AI in companies:

1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
– Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of machines and computers to perceive, understand, learn, and simulate human intelligence.

2. What is the role of AI in companies?
– AI can disrupt companies, but it is not the sole cause. There are other factors of variability that affect the business community.

3. What are the changes in the business community that are not attributed to AI?
– There are classic industry changes contributing to disruption in the business community, independent of AI. These changes manifest in the structural transformations of industries.

4. How can companies leverage AI?
– Companies can utilize AI to optimize their processes, gain insights from their data, and facilitate priority discovery.

5. Which companies have caused disruption with AI?
– Disney is an example of a company that has successfully utilized AI to disrupt the media industry.

6. What changes in the media landscape has Disney brought about with AI?
– Disney has focused on changing the lines between media and has developed a new digital ecosystem in collaboration with Epic Games.

7. What is Disney’s streaming agreement with Paramount?
– Disney has reached an agreement with Paramount for streaming services, which may have implications for the media market.

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