High definition realistic picture representing the concept of artificial intelligence and employee surveillance. This scene should show a modern office environment with workplace monitoring in action. Display a Caucasian female AI analyst working on a computer displaying complex AI algorithms. Near her, include a Middle Eastern male supervisor overseeing the workers through a transparent screen showing workers' productivity stats in real-time. Also, include a South Asian male security officer monitoring the digital surveillance system. This image should capture the new era of workplace monitoring.

The Future of Workplace Monitoring: Balancing Privacy and Productivity


In today’s digital era, where communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom have revolutionized the workplace, artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing a significant role in analyzing employee messages. Companies such as Walmart, Delta Air Lines, T-Mobile, Chevron, and Starbucks have embraced AI technology to monitor and track sentiment among their employees. This innovative AI solution, developed by Columbus-based startup Aware, enables companies to gain valuable insights from their communications and gauge employee sentiment in real-time.

Gone are the days of relying solely on annual or semi-annual surveys. With Aware’s analytics product, these companies now have access to anonymized data that allows them to understand how different employee groups, based on age or location, respond to new corporate policies or marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the AI models can identify concerning behaviors such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, noncompliance, pornography, and nudity.

While some critics argue that this level of surveillance breaches privacy and treats employees as mere commodities, others recognize the benefits of using AI to create a healthy and productive workplace environment. It’s important to note that Aware’s analytics tool does not flag individual employee names, thus protecting privacy. However, it can identify extreme threats or risk behaviors that have been predefined by the client, using a separate eDiscovery tool.

Employee surveillance AI is a niche but rapidly expanding industry within the broader AI market. Aware, in particular, has experienced remarkable growth, with its revenue increasing by an average of 150% annually over the past five years. Competitors in this field include Qualtrics, Relativity, Proofpoint, Smarsh, and Netskope.

As AI technology continues to advance and become more integrated into the workplace, it raises important questions about the delicate balance between privacy and productivity. Although the potential benefits of using AI to monitor and track employee sentiment are evident, companies must ensure they strike a careful balance between protecting employee privacy and fostering a healthy work environment. The use of AI for workplace monitoring may mark a new era in employee surveillance, but it remains crucial to navigate this territory with caution and transparency.