Artificial Intelligence and the Distortion of Holocaust Memory


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used by anti-Semites to promote a negative image of the Holocaust and undermine the memory of its victims. This technology has been employed to generate offensive images of Anne Frank, create a chatbot with the personality of Adolf Hitler, and produce altered images of Auschwitz that include unpolluted elements like a water slide.

The issue has not gone unnoticed by the United Kingdom government. According to reports, the Antisemitic Policy Trust has warned that AI is being used by anti-Semites to spread hatred against Jews at a faster rate than ever before. The trust emphasized the emergence of “advanced anti-Semitic deepfakes”—digitally manipulated media aimed at replicating someone’s appearance or voice.

For example, AI has been used to generate sexualized images of Anne Frank, including one that portrays her wearing a bikini alongside the sexual offender Harvey Weinstein. Additionally, racist images targeting Jews, created by users on the platform 4Chan, have surfaced, with requests for AI-powered generator tools to produce violent imagery associated with Jews.

Lord Pickles, the UK government’s special envoy for post-Holocaust issues, has highlighted the threat of AI to downgrade the history of Nazi genocide, creating misleading expressions and questioning the seriousness of the Holocaust. Pickles believes that the responsibility lies with the technology industry to ensure their systems can combat malicious practices.

It is crucial to address this issue in order to preserve the integrity of Holocaust history and protect the memory of its victims. If we want to prevent the spread of hatred and propaganda, we must respond consciously and strive to develop technologies that can counter misinformation and the undermining of historical truth. This is a challenge that we must face together, demanding accountability from both the technology industry and political stakeholders.


1. How is AI used by anti-Semites?
Anti-Semites use AI to generate offensive images and chatbots associated with the Holocaust, with the aim of creating a negative image and undermining the memory of its victims.

2. What are “deepfakes”?
“Deepfakes” are digitally manipulated media that use AI to replicate someone’s appearance or voice, creating misleading expressions.

3. What malicious practices can arise from this technology?
Malicious practices include the production of offensive images and the undermining of historical truth, as well as the spread of hatred and propaganda against Jews and other targeted groups.

4. What is the responsibility of the technology industry?
The technology industry bears the responsibility of ensuring that their systems can combat malicious practices and protect the integrity of Holocaust history.

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