A realistic HD image of an acclaimed South Asian musician using artificial intelligence technology to revive the voices of late singers for a project titled 'Lal Salaam'. In the scene, the musician sits in a well-equipped studio with recording equipment all around. He is deeply engaged in his work, melodies floating in the room, a Grimace of concentration on his face, and a touch of nostalgia and respect in his eyes for the voices he is bringing back to life.

AR Rahman Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Bring Back the Voices of Late Singers


In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the Tamil cinema landscape, AR Rahman has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to resurrect the voices of the late singers Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed for his latest musical project, Lal Salaam.

Directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth, this highly anticipated sports drama features Rahman’s mesmerizing melodies. Through the use of cutting-edge AI technology, Rahman seamlessly integrates the voices of these departed talents into the film, marking a pioneering initiative in Tamil cinema.

While AI technology has been embraced by social media platforms and the Western entertainment industry, Rahman’s decision represents a revolutionary leap for the South Indian film industry. This bold endeavor sets a new standard for the future of AI applications in this vibrant cinematic realm.

Amongst the numerous songs in Lal Salaam, Rahman has chosen the iconic Thimiri Yezhuda song to showcase the resurgence of Bakya and Hameed through the innovative use of AI software. The film, which revolves around sports, features Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in a pivotal extended cameo role, with Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth as the lead actors.

Rahman, an Academy Award winner renowned for his boundary-pushing musical creativity, once again demonstrates his commitment to innovation through Lal Salaam. By seamlessly blending the rich legacy of these late singers with the possibilities offered by AI, he creates a musical tapestry that not only showcases his avant-garde approach but also adds an additional layer of emotion and nostalgia to the film.

As anticipation for Lal Salaam continues to grow, Rahman’s use of AI to revive the voices of Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed is certain to captivate audiences, setting a new standard for the fusion of technology and artistic expression in the vibrant world of Tamil cinema.

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