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Equinix and Nvidia Join Forces to Revolutionize Corporate AI Computing


Equinix, the data center operator, and Nvidia have announced their partnership to offer the company’s supercomputing systems to corporate clients. Under this new program, businesses will have the opportunity to own their own artificial intelligence (AI) computing systems and have better control over their data, instead of renting Nvidia’s counterparts from cloud computing providers such as or Microsoft.

Many major companies express interest in acquiring their own AI computing systems for reasons of privacy and security. However, Nvidia’s systems differ from conventional data center servers, often using different network cables and requiring a liquid cooling system.

As part of the agreement, Nvidia has trained Equinix’s staff on how to build and operate their systems. Business clients will be purchasing Nvidia’s systems, but they will pay Equinix to efficiently build and operate the systems while maintaining ownership.

The aim is to promote privacy, as many large clients are concerned about maintaining control over their own destiny,” said Jon Lin, Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Services at Equinix, in an interview with Reuters.

Nvidia and Equinix have announced that the new offering is available starting today, but they have not revealed any immediate clients.


1. Which two companies announced a partnership to offer supercomputers?
Equinix, the data center operator, and Nvidia.

2. What is the purpose of this new partnership for businesses?
Businesses will be able to acquire their own AI computing systems and have better control over their data, rather than renting Nvidia’s counterparts.

3. How do Nvidia’s systems differ from conventional data center servers?
Nvidia’s systems often use different network cables and require a liquid cooling system.

4. Which company has trained Equinix’s staff to implement their systems?
Nvidia has trained Equinix’s staff.


– Data centers: spaces where business data is stored and managed
– Supercomputers: computers with high computing power, superior to conventional computers
– Artificial intelligence (AI): scientific field that deals with the development of computational systems that mimic human intelligence
– Servers: computers that distribute resources to other computers via a network
– Privacy: protection of information from unauthorized individuals
– Security: protection against threats and attempts to breach the security of a system

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