New Guidelines Propose Measures to Curb AI Overreliance in Japan

New Guidelines Propose Measures to Curb AI Overreliance in Japan

New Guidelines Propose Measures to Curb AI Overreliance in Japan

A draft of guidelines has been proposed in Japan, stating that companies leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) must have measures in place to prevent overreliance on the technology. These guidelines were formulated by a panel with the task of regulating the burgeoning sector in Japan, as the country competes with the United States and China in an AI arms race.

The proposed rules emphasize the avoidance of using biased data to train AI applications. The debate surrounding AI bias has been an important one globally, with concerns raised about the exacerbation of existing prejudices against certain groups. Additionally, the guidelines urge AI companies to keep records of their interactions with the technology and provide them to regulators in the event of any incidents.

Fairness, transparency, and the protection of human rights are guiding principles for AI development in Japan according to the guidelines. Companies are directed to document how they collect personal information and ensure it is not collected or shared without explicit consent from the individuals. Data is a crucial aspect of AI development, as AI models synthesize the data they are provided with.

The three most prominent players in the AI space, Meta, Google, and OpenAI, have faced legal battles over their data harvesting practices, which involve scraping copyrighted data without consent. The proposed guidelines suggest that blockchain technology could be the solution to AI’s data challenges by providing guarantees of data authenticity and ownership. The transparency and traceability features of blockchain would enable accurate accountability for the use of data.

While Japan has been proactive in regulating AI, it has yet to establish a comprehensive framework. The proposed guidelines are expected to be finalized by the end of the year and could potentially influence the regulatory approach taken by other major economies, as Japan currently holds the position of Chair of the Group of Seven (G7) nations. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida indicated that he will be leading the G7’s AI regulation efforts this autumn.

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