Feedback and Consultation on AI Tools and Copyright Holders in Canada

Feedback and Consultation on AI Tools and Copyright Holders in Canada

Feedback and Consultation on AI Tools and Copyright Holders in Canada

The Government of Canada is committed to keeping legislative frameworks up to date with modern realities and technological advancements. As part of this commitment, the government has proposed the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, which is aimed at addressing the rapid advancement of AI technologies. In line with this, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and the Honourable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Canadian Heritage, have launched a consultation to gather feedback from Canadians on generative AI tools and the implications for copyright holders.

The consultation will focus on three main areas: the use of copyright-protected works in training AI systems, authorship and ownership rights related to AI-generated content, and liability issues when AI-generated content infringes on existing copyright-protected works. These topics were first consulted on in 2021, but the recent release of powerful generative AI tools has prompted a need for further discussion.

Canadians have until December 4, 2023, to submit their feedback online. Additionally, roundtables will be held with various stakeholders, including those in the creative industries and AI development. The feedback collected will contribute to the development of copyright policies, with an update on the findings expected to be released in 2024.

The government emphasizes the importance of a balanced copyright framework that protects the rights of Canadians while fostering a functional marketplace for AI innovation. As AI technology continues to advance, it is crucial to address the concerns of authors, musicians, and artists to ensure the protection and recognition of their work in the evolving landscape of generative AI.

The government’s efforts in amending the Copyright Act and reviewing stakeholder comments demonstrate a commitment to adapting to changes in the copyright marketplace. Furthermore, the government has introduced Canada’s Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Responsible Development and Management of Advanced Generative Artificial Intelligence Systems to ensure the responsible use of AI technology.

Through initiatives like these, and its leadership role in the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, the government aims to build a digital and data-driven economy that is founded on trust and promotes the responsible development and use of AI for the benefit of all citizens.

Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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